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Shard Rules

Discussion in 'Shard News' started by Demise News Network, Mar 14, 2014.

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    In-Game Rules
    1. No unattended gathering.

      This applies to everything, not just resources. In particular, it includes:
      • Mining, fishing, lumberjacking
      • Turning in or collecting BODs
      • Buying from or selling to NPC vendors
      • Taming
      • Looting, farming Doom artifacts, minor artifacts, lesser Treasures of Tokuno
      • House placement
      • IDOC scavenging
      • Collecting quest rewards
      Unattended gathering results in jail time and any ill-gotten goods will be deleted.
    2. Respect staff. (And staff will respect you!)

      Staff on Demise volunteer their time to improve your game experience. Harassment of staff will not be tolerated. Staff instructions are final and are to be followed.
    3. Do not grief other players.

      In Trammel ruleset facets this includes:
      • Luring monsters, pet releasing
        Note: you will receive murder counts for this.
      • Blocking ghosts
      • Blocking off game play areas with items or boats, making them otherwise inaccessible
      • Vulgarity/Racism
        Note: UO does offer a player speech filter.
      • Harassment

      In Felucca it is limited to:
      • Blocking ghosts
      • Blocking off game play areas with items or boats, making them otherwise inaccessible
      • Vulgarity/Racism

      Scamming is allowed within normal game mechanics. Pay close attention when trading, and do not run macros sent to you by other players blindly.
    4. Do not create offensive names, including character names, pet names, house names, or names / engraving on any item that other players may see. Names in violation will be renamed to a generic alternative.
    5. Please use the vendor mall (accessible from Luna and Britain bank using the white moongate) for running vendor gates. Gate macros that are running anywhere else will be moved there.
    1. Do not exceed 4 accounts per household.

      This is not per player; if multiple people play then the total number of accounts must not exceed 4. Extra accounts may be granted depending on the number of people living in your household (contact an administrator for this).
    2. Do not share your account information.
    Accounts are marked inactive when not logged into for 90 days, causing houses to enter decay. Accounts that have not been logged into for 1 year risk being purged.

    For issues/questions regarding your account please send in a help request in-game, or you can contact Eos or Larson via private message. Automated password reset is available for registered accounts at: http://www.uodemise.com/reset/
    1. Allowed client modifications are limited to art changes only. Your client and assistant program should otherwise remain unmodified.
    2. Authorized third party software includes:
      • UOSteam
      • Razor
      • UOCartographer
      • UOWedding
      • UO Automap
      • UOBod

      EasyUO may be used, but only for actions possible and allowed in Razor/UOSteam.
    1. Do not use multiple clients in combat. This is defined as the use of one or more extra clients that provide you with an advantage in combat.
    2. Do not be involved in combat in two different locations with two different clients.
    3. Alternate characters may be kept close, unautomated, for resurrection.
    1. Items may not be placed in houses such that they exceed the height of a 3-story customizable house.
    2. Houses should not block passage on any side, other than a 1 tile impediment.

    When entering PvP events, play the event in the chosen teams. Teaming up in a free-for-all tournament, for example, will get you excluded from the event.
    Punitive Measures

    Violation of the rules outlined above will result in jail time and/or temporary suspension of your account. In all cases we reserve the right to use staff discretion.
    Instant Ban Offenses

    The following offenses will not be tolerated on Demise, and will result in immediate termination of your account and/or access to the shard:
    • Attempting to obtain unauthorized access to another player's accounts.
    • Advertising other shards.
    • Exploiting game mechanics resulting in serious detrimental effects.
    • Using or distributing disallowed client modifications.
    • Trading in-game items for non in-game items (such as items on other shards, or IRL items).
    Forum Usage

    Please keep all discussion on the forums civil, and respect special rules outlined for each subsection if present. Trolling, flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
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